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Friday, August 28, 2009

Concern trolling

It turns out that not only is the health care reform legislation a plot to destroy capitalism and then murder your grandmother and Trig Palin, it's specifically a plot to murder Republicans.

Of course, we've only gotten this far because the Illuminati smuggled a little Kenyan baby into Hawaii in 1961 so they could make him president of the United States 48 years later in order to achieve world domination on behalf of the Antichrist.

Now, here's what I'm wondering. Is it going to occur to the powers at GE and Disney and Viacom and CBS and Time Warner that the best way to maintain the proletariat in a condition of false consciousness on behalf of capitalist hegemony may not, after all, be to depend on zombies who can't see through the most transparent bullshit to outvote people with 1/3 of a brain? That maybe there just won't turn out to be enough of them in the end? And that therefore it might be in the long-term interest of the ruling class that they stop treating pure insanity with "balance" and offering dignity and respect to the RNC and James Inhofe? Maybe this is not the right long-term strategy after all?

Just a thought. I'm getting out of town ahead of the stormy weather to do some lumberjacking and other honest work like a real American. Y'all keep it real too.

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