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Monday, March 15, 2010

Conspiracy theories

I more or less accidentally acquired a Facebook Friend who spends all day posting links about way-out-there conspiracy theories -- the Illuminati, the controlled demolition of the WTC towers, the FBI killed JFK, etc. She apparently never came across one she didn't believe. Oh yeah, vaccines cause autism.

I am what you call a skeptic, i.e. I remain agnostic about questions for which I have insufficient evidence. And oh yeah, I prefer to disbelieve stuff that seems unlikely, even if it might be fun to believe it. Nevertheless, just because we don't really know something doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried about the possibility of deeply concealed but major evil. It so happens that the integrity of the elections during the Rove/Cheney administration are in that category.

I am far from satisfied that George W. Bush was in fact re-elected in 2004. You shouldn't be satisfied either. Just sayin'. There is too much that is suggestive, odd and unexplained. If we had real journalists working for the corporate media, we'd know more by now.


Anonymous said...

Just as the devil's advocate...
With respect to forming a conclusion, can I reasonably assume that you find there is enough sufficient evidence to indicate that two airplanes brought down WTC 1, 2 and caused the subsequent collapse of WTC 7?


Cervantes said...

Yes, that is my current belief.