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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Creeping Socialism

I was walking up Centre St. today, which is JPs Main Street, when a police car suddenly stopped. The officer put on his flashers and backed around, blocking traffic in both directions. I thought, "WTF," then I saw what was happening. There's a guy in the neighborhood with a serious spinal deformity, which has him bent over horizontally at the waist. He walks using a four-legged cane and every step is agonizing. But he's out there, every day, going about his business one four inch shuffle at a time. The cop was letting him cross the street.

So here we have an armed agent of the state, depriving people of their God-given liberty to propel their two tons of steel from the dry cleaner to the mall, so he can redistribute their precious time to a loser who can't even stand upright.

I wonder what the Cato Institute thinks of that.


C. Corax said...

That is a truly sweet story, actually. "People"--I use that term loosely--in cars can be very impatient and aggressive with elderly folks who are trying to cross the street. When Kurt Vonnegut was living in this area, the paper actually had an interview with some young white male loser *ssh*le driver who complained about how long it took the elderly Vonnegut to cross the street.

Cervantes said...

Must have had a well-thumbed copy of The Fountainhead next to him as he was interviewed.