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Monday, March 22, 2010

Creeping Socialism

The communosocialofascist government takeover of health care has had a surprising effect: Health care stocks rose Monday as the long-debated health care reform legislation heads to President Obama's desk. reports:

Hospital operators, including Tenet Health Care (THC, Fortune 500) and Health Management Associations (HMA), led the advance, surging about 8%. Community Health Systems (CYH, Fortune 500) and Lifepoint Hospitals (LPNT) added more than 4%. . . . Health insurers' stocks, which climbed as high as 8% last week in anticipation of the vote, were mixed. With the government extending coverage to more Americans, insurance companies are likely to benefit from higher enrollment, said BMO Capital Markets analyst Dave Shove. . . . Drugmakers Pfizer (PFE, Fortune 500), Merck (MRK, Fortune 500) and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY, Fortune 500) hiked almost 2%, and medical device manufacturer Medtronic (MDT, Fortune 500) spiked nearly 3%. The bill's expanded coverage is expected to benefit drug companies and medical manufacturers as well.

Where would Stalin invest?


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"no one could have foreseen..."

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