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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I honestly thought this was satire . . .

Apparently not. Sample:

I don’t know if I should Buenos Aires or Bonjour, or... this is such a melting pot. This is so beautiful. I love this diversity. Yeah. There were a whole bunch of guys named Tony in the photo line, I know that. And in the introduction too, in the instructions to you all, I got a kick out of the instruction “No heckling.” I am so used to the heckling, it’s okay! We’re used to it. They just hit you into the boards and maybe get called for a penalty or whatever, but we can handle that too. . . .
I’m wanting to, though, kind of shift away from the political. I’m just getting off the trough from doing a lot of Tea Parties across the US, man those are a blast. [applause] They’re rowdy and they’re wild and it’s just another melting pot, there’s just diversity there and all walks of life and all forms of partisanship and non partisanship just wanting good things to happen in this part of the world. It’s been a blast. The shift from the political, so now that I have that shift from the political but still have that desire to talk about the economy and talk about energy and resources and national security and all those things. I was telling Todd, okay, this is like [inaudible] on the vice presidential campaign trail, where you never really knew what you were getting into when you get into that line before you were interviewed. Obviously, sometimes I never knew what I was getting into in an interview. Obviously!

And on and on and on it goes unto ever more profound depths of stupidity until the brain turns to lemon jello. Who needs The Onion any more?

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C. Corax said...

Is it my imagination, or is she even less coherent now than when she was campaigning?

And I have to wonder, what do her supporters talk about after they've left a teabagging party? Do they even pretend to have understood what she said, or do they step around the issue because They're embarrassed to admit they can't make heads or tails of what she said?