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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The misfortune of a global warming denialist

is that reality will bite you in the ass. And much sooner than knowledgeable people were predicting even a short time ago. As in, approximately right now.

It's not my expertise, so haven't devoted many posts to it, but I do follow this very closely, as should we all. The zeitgeist has yet to catch up with where climate science has gotten to very recently, so I will tell you: it's really, really alarming. As Joseph Romm tells you in the above-linked post, if we go on the way we are now -- not a worst case or unlikely scenario, but what is exactly in the middle of what is likely to happen -- the continental United States will be 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer by 2090, and the sea level will be 6 feet higher. It could well be worse than that.

But in fact the changes are going to be very obvious much sooner, probably starting right now. We've had a bit of a slowdown in the process for the past few years due to a solar minimum and the state of the southern oscillation, but that is over. We're seeing extreme weather anomalies all over the place, and we're likely to see wildfires in North America this year like never before. Believe me Alexander Cockburn, David Koch and James Inhofe, there is no percentage in what you are doing -- you will very soon be totally exposed as utter fools, and ultimately remembered among histories greatest villains.

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