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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shape of the earth . . .

Do views no longer differ? Here's a straight-up story from CBS News. March was the warmest on record, and "climate researchers have been reporting rising global temperatures for several years as a result of what is called the Greenhouse Effect, in which rising levels of carbon dioxide and others gases in the atmosphere trap heat instead of allowing it to escape out into space." No qualifiers, no obligatory second opinion from denialists, no bullshit.

On the other hand, it's a pretty low-key report. This is in fact the biggest story of, well, the millennium, and it only gets major attention from the corporate media when the well-funded denialist publicity machine dumps a new load of BS. So please, bring yourself down with this. Do it for the children.

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Daniel said...

BTW... Global temperature calculations of the troposphere in January 2010 were the warmest since the satellite measurement began in 1978.

Why is the media on the climate-gate bandwagon? There really is important news here and it isn't climate-gate.