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Monday, April 30, 2018

What Albert Burneko says

That is all.


Justin Cohen said...

BRA-FUCKING-VO! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the uber-hard-hittin truth of Burneko's pocket-sized manifesto.

The most revealing things I read/heard about Trump--who's always been a sick joke as a pseudo-adult human--before the election were as follows:

1) A real estate businessman who's known Trump for many years said, and I paraphrase, "Donald is the most insecure man I know. He has no friends, and has always tried to fill the hole at his center with sex, business, and now this."

2) Trump himself told an interviewer that he doesn't look at himself because he's afraid he may not like what he sees. How's that!--a guy with no self-knowledge, a thoroughly consumed narcissistic megalomaniac.

3) See the following link:

In it Eva Schloss, who was THERE in Hitler-era Germany and is the half-sister of Anne Frank, says that Trump is saying and doing the things Hitler did when he came to power.

Trump must be brought down. Down. Down. DOWN. He is a reprehensible fucking shit fascist piece of the worst-possible-ever crap pig racist fuck.

Gay Boy Bob said...

No reasonable person will pay attention to Albert Burneko's hateful rant mostly because the crude and insulting language that he uses exposes him as a small person.

That's not the way to change hearts and minds. However, it may be the way to enhance his standing with his base audience, so he may know what he's doing after all.

Gay Boy Bob said...

Wait--no reasonable person will listen to me--I'm an idiot! My name is Gay Boy Bob, and I approve this message.

Justin Cohen said...

Richard Pryor was not a small person ... he was a giant, or as Pauline Kael called him, a great poet satirist. Hence, GBB's post is entirely wrong and, as usual, worthless. Though his second post seems accurate.


Justin Cohen said...

PS Cervantes, we need an identity verifier on this website. Let's all post under verifiable identities. I believe we've discussed this matter ... any other solutions?

Justin Cohen said...

Oh, GBB--one more thing--as for Burneko being a "small person" who uses crude and insulting language--is it possible you're just projecting?