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Monday, April 02, 2018

What everybody knows

David Atkins is shrill. Actually he always is. We find ourselves in an incredible circumstance. Apart from die hard rationalizers, it is common knowledge that the occupant of the office of the presidency is a stooge of Vladimir Putin, the ruthless dictator who rules over an adversarial power. Furthermore, he is grotesquely ignorant, incompetent, paranoid and egomaniacal. Vladimir Putin put him in office, and inflicted this disaster on us. Atkins concludes:

Everyone knows. Everyone. The only question is the details and proving the case. And yet, day after day rolls by in which a president who is obviously compromised by a hostile foreign power that committed massive felonies to put him in office, still continues to occupy the Oval Office not just as a placeholder, but as a wrackful whirlwind of destruction of decency and democratic norms.
There are dozens of people who know the truth. It would only take one of them to expose this charlatan once and for all, and end this incredible charade. At some point a sense of patriotism and pride in democracy must overtake personal ambition and fear of recrimination before it’s too late.
Well yes, but evidently it isn't going to happen. Anyway, what we already know is damning. But the corporate media and even the congressional Democrats are too cowardly to say so.


Justin Cohen said...

The corporate media is in cahoots with the congressional Republicans and Democrats to sell advertisements, of course ... there seem to be very few folks interested in telling the truth because most are interested in making money and staying ignorant. It's like in the musical, "Chicago": "Give 'em the ol' razzle-dazzle ... razzle-dazzle 'em ..." I mean, Copernicus and Galileo got in lots of trouble for telling the truth!

JFK wrote: "This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor."

Oops ... we're there. And most of us are less rich, too ... and that's puttin' it nicely.

Big Gay Bob said... is common knowledge that the occupant of the office of the presidency is a stooge of Vladimir Putin...

This statement is looking sillier and sillier as time passes, especially when the tomahawks are flying and the sanctions are being levied.