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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A thorough thrashing

Sorry for lack of posts, yesterday was advising day - I have six undergraduate advisees and that took all day -- and today was my first class. I don't remember if I have mentioned that I am teaching a lecture course with 140 students and 14 TAs. Anywayyyyy, I'm coming up for air and will be more reliable going forward.

Meanwhile, here's a Wiki with something like 2,000 pages trashing libertarianism. It's obviously a huge labor of love. The list of quotations on the front page is worth it all alone. Here's a good one:

So much for the idea that so-called libertarians are uncompromising champions of freedom. In truth, they're tireless defenders of the idea that the people with the most wealth and power in our society deserve to keep it. This, of course, is hardly the subversive, counter-cultural brew that libertarians seem to think they're peddling--this is exactly what bought-off establishment politicians in Washington already think.
Tyler Zimmer, "Gary Johnson and the libertarian swindle"

Libertarianism is obviously ridiculous bunk. It hardly seems worth arguing with, it's so stupid. But it has a tenacious hold on many a washed brain, because there are powerful interests -- e.g. the Koch brothers -- who invest heavily in making it seem like a coherent, intellectually respectable philosophy. Anyway, enjoy exploring.


Don Quixote said...

One great-sounding but completely false idea grabs hold of some humans and *poof* goes their reasoning abilities. Hence, libertarianism. Hence, Christianity. Hence, a lot of awful ideas.

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One extraordinary sounding yet totally false thought grasps a few people and *poof* goes their thinking capacities. Subsequently, libertarianism. Thus, Christianity. Henceforth, a ton of dreadful thoughts.