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Friday, September 28, 2018

Inarticulate with anger

That's me right now. Obviously I have believed that Brett Kavanaugh is totally unsuitable to sit on the Supreme Court, or any court at all, since his name first came up as a possible nominee. But the Republican senators conspiring with him to cast the women who have accused him of assaulting them as tools in a plot orchestrated by the Democratic party is so disgusting I can't even respond to it.

I'll just link to someone who knows how the whole scam works:

Only a tiny percentage of lawyers get anywhere near the supreme court in their careers and they are virtually all hand-picked beneficiaries of self-reinforcing, self-appointed set of privileged snobs ensconced in sinecures at a handful of self-designated elite institutions.
Even in the infinitesimally tiny chance that all these women are liars and this is some massive conspiracy i dont give a fuck: this guy getting denied what he believes he is owed is 100% ok by me, you could randomly pick a better judge out of a brooklyn supreme cattle call.

I've known dozens of pricks like this guy through the years, ever failing upwards, insane broken bullies cruising through life through sheer accidents of birth and any time one of them suffers even mild inconvenience for the wreckage they inflict is a small victory.
The purpose for which 51 Republican Senators are going to vote Yes is to overturn Roe v. Wade, and ultimately even strip women of the right to contraception; strip rights from gay people including the right to marry; put a stop to environmental, worker safety, and consumer safety regulations; eliminate voting rights; repeal civil rights; favor the powerful over the weak in every circumstance; and place the president above the law. He is an ideological extremist and career partisan apparatchik. He repeatedly perjured himself before the Judiciary Committee even before anyone had accused him of sexual assault. He had hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that somehow mysteriously disappeared, and they didn't even ask him to explain it. I could go on but this is plenty. There is no moral justification for the existence of the Republican party. They need to be tossed on the shitpile of history.

Update: David Brock knows exactly who Kavanaugh is. As I say, he's an extremist, partisan Republican operative, who should not be a judge of any kind, let lone sit on the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

None of these social changes you mentioned were garnered through a democratic process.

So now these same people are not so thrilled with a post-democracy court when it appears that they may not control it.

This is a monster of their own creation. Reap...sow

It's likely that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the people's representatives.

Just know that the sun will still rise tomorrow morning.

Mark said...

Who with a modicum of education thinks the US is a democracy? Who with a fragment of perception? Who who has ever read a history book? This country was not founded as a democracy, it was founded as a rich, white men's club. Women, blacks, dark-skinned people, and poor people were not invited. You and the republicans want to turn the clock back, and maybe you'll succeed. If they do, I'm afraid it's not going to be like you expect.

Don Quixote said...

Bravo, Mark. Many ideologically-driven, so-called "Christians" and "conservatives" and "Republicans" are marked by the Thanatos drive.

Anonymous said...


You seem to see any opposition to your ideology as monsters, and with monsters, there can be no debate. It's your way or the highway. No common ground possible.

Don't forget that the voters chose to put the Republicans senators in power.
62 percent of working class women voted for this president. Overall, about half of the country voted for Trump.

If you're just going to label all of these people your enemies, then you will be very busy hating everybody.

And I think you're very, very busy.

Don Quixote said...

Hmmm ... nowhere in Mark's post was there anything about "enemies" or "monsters" ...

There goes "Anonymous" (aka, "Gay Boy Bob") again, putting words in other people's mouths!

What's his problem, anyway? Or rather, what are his problems?

And his last comment (he just can't help going "there") affirms his snarkiness, on top of his being a liar.