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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

White House Watch

The estimable Dan Froomkin, formerly of WaPo, has re-launched White House Watch, now as an independent web site. From his announcement:

Despite the abundance of Trump coverage, I see two ways it can add value above the din:
  1. By relentlessly putting Trump’s incremental actions in their proper, alarming context as an ongoing, corrupt assault on pluralism, shared truths, and core liberal democratic values; and
  2. By convening an ongoing online dialogue about what we need to do once Trump is gone, with an emphasis on strengthening our democracy and curbing executive branch powers that have grown unchecked.
We can’t allow this to become the new normal. So how do we restore pre-Trump expectations? And having learned some very painful lessons, how do we apply them to rebalance and reenergize our democracy?
 He wants your input and support. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I read a bunch of Mr. Froomkin's tweets.

You guys must have been separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment Anonymous...

Judging by the uncanny ability of most of the Republican congressmen, from either house, to use the exact same phrases as their peers I'm thinking that there is a mother somewhere who has shattered the world record for multiple births. Interesting that they all seem to have different fathers.

The Another Anonymous

Don Quixote said...

Thank goodness for an Anonymous who has his/her head on her shoulders (instead of the other "Anonymous," who keeps his head firmly and tightly squeezed inside his rectum)!