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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


As you can imagine, a lot of weirdness passes through my in-box. This is a classic.

Dear Researcher,


We trust this mail finds you well.

We would like to appreciate your contribution towards the scientific community by publishing your precious work. We have gone through your article and found it really knowledgeable.

It is our immense pleasure to introduce our new Journal: Journal of Hygiastics and Public HealthWe are the trusted publishing partner of over 50,000 International Scientist and researchers and 100,000 readers. 

If you have any unpublished manuscript kindly forward it to us.

Your contribution can prove great need to our journal to reach greater heights in scientific community.

Your amalgamation with our journal can be attained by sending your CV, Biography (150 words), Research Interests accompanied by a recent passport size photo, and an Editorial (1-2pages) by mailing at

You can take the membership for one year and you will publish your 15 articles for our journal instantly.

Kindly, co-operation is highly appreciated.

Hope for a long lasting scientific relationship.

Journal Coordinator
Emma  Taylor
Journal of Hygiastics and Public Health
You may have heard of spamnals. These are fake academic journals that will publish anything for money, as they plainly offer to do here. The reason somebody might submit work to one is the hope that tenure and promotion committees will assume it's real. I actually thought hygiastics was a made-up word but it seems to be a very obscure synonym for hygiene.  In any case, my amalgamation with their journal will not be attained.

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Don Quixote said...

Please, NO ONE try to have discourse with "Anonymous." He may be a Russian saboteur, he may be an American gremlin/troublemaker, but whoever he is, he is a


It is impossible to have any meaningful discourse with him because he is on this blog simply to sow dissension and spread malevolence.

Please help me to help Cervantes to boot this asshole off the blog by requiring registration or eliminating the "Comments" option entirely. The first option will work, I believe, because this malicious person will refuse to identify himself in any way.