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Monday, October 08, 2018

El Dia de La Raza

I debunked Columbus last year. (Wow, time sure flies!) But Adam Conover does it with more fun and excitement, brought to you here by Bill in Portland Maine. As you may recall, I suggested that Italian Americans might find a more appropriate hero in Fiorello LaGuardia, although perhaps his not being Catholic is a problem for some. (His mother was from a famous Italian Jewish family although she herself grew up in Trieste, and his father was a lapsed Catholic.)

My employer does make today a holiday (which I sorely needed), but calls it "Indigenous People's Day." Yeah, we're politically correct. When I worked at Latino Health Institute we called it Dia de La Raza, "La Raza" being the people of mixed European, African and American heritage who are now known as Hispanics or Latinos. While raza would literally be translated as "race," it obviously doesn't have the biological implication of the term as used by racists and really means an ethnic group.

Anyway, Columbus is not someone who deserves commemoration, celebration, or to be a focus for anybody's ethnic pride. And by the way he was born in Genoa, which is today part of Italy, but Italy did not exist at the time. He sailed for Spain, and he never set foot in what is today the United States. So the whole thing is ridiculous.


Mark said...

Columbus Day was one of several federal holidays my former employer saved so that the employees could get a full week off between Christmas and New Year's. Now that I'm retired, it just annoys me that there is no mail service.

Anonymous said...
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Cervantes said...

Comment deleted for being a) completely and wildly off topic and b) moronic, imbecilic, stupid, inane and ignorant.

Don Quixote said...

Must have been "Anonymous" (a.k.a., "Gay Boy Bob").

It's hard to believe how utterly tiny, empty and miserable some people are. But there it is. He is obviously a very sad, very sick person. Too bad.

Don Quixote said...

In other news, thanks for the edifying post re: Cristobal Colon. What a rotter. I put him right up there with the guys whose statues need to come down all over the South because they were put there to intimidate and terrorize African-Americans.

I lived in the South and while there are a lot of decent people there, there are a lot of people still fighting the "war of the northern aggression" (itself a fiction). Some folks there are part decent, part evil. They just don't get it: slavery is evil, racism is evil, domination and fear-based aggression are evil.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in knowing what vision for the US the opposition party has to offer in the upcoming midterm elections.

What positive proposals do they offer that will get middle America exited enough to vote for them? Is 'Resist' and the war on White people enough to move the party into power?

Don Quixote said...