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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A warning from the past

From BoingBoing (and tip o' the hat to Brad DeLong), words from Lyndon Johnson prior to the 1966 mid-terms. Johnson did a lot of good, but sadly Viet Nam ruined his legacy.

I can think of nothing more dangerous, more divisive, or more self-destructive than the effort to prey on what is called 'white backlash.' I thought it was a mistake to pump this issue up in the 1964 campaign, and I do not think it served the purpose of those who did. I think it is dangerous because it threatens to vest power in the hands of second-rate men whose only qualification is their ability to pander to other men's fears. I think it divides this nation at a very critical time -- and therefore it weakens us as a united country.
"I think that the so-called 'white backlash' is destructive, not only of the interests of Negro Americans, but of all those who stand to gain from humane and farsighted government. And those that stand to gain from humane and farsighted government is everybody. Nevertheless, there are those who try to stimulate suspicion into hatred, and to make fear and frustration their springboard into public office. Many of them do it openly. Some let their henchmen do it for them. Their responsibility is the same.
As disturbing as the behavior of the malignant narcissist who was installed in office by a foreign adversary is the rank cowardice and moral depravity of the entire Republican leadership.  May they drown in disgrace and shame.

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Don Quixote said...

Merci beaucoup. Je suis totalement en accord!

Thank you. I am in total agreement!

The current Republican party is living in an alternate universe of fear and hatred that exists without provocation, and only in their minds and shriveled, hard little hearts. Only a hater or a racist or an ignorant person could be a Republican at present.