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Friday, November 30, 2018

Bizarro World

I've not had much to say about the Mueller investigation because I figure, we'll know what we know when we know it. But it's gotten to the point now that I am utterly baffled by the actions of the Republicans in Congress to protect the Resident and run away from the truth.

Look folks, we know that it's going to be very, very bad. The occupant is a career criminal and we know that Putin and his cronies bailed him out of bankruptcy by laundering money through his enterprise. We know that Putin put him in office and we know that his campaign chair, other campaign aides, and various of his flunkies not only knew about it, but participated. A three year old could connect those dots from publicly available information. This will be known, probably pretty soon, in a manner such that the New York Times will be forced to report it, even though it isn't nearly as bad as donors to the Clinton Foundation asking for meetings with State Department officials and not getting them.

And then the Republican party will own it. That has been their choice. I do not understand that.

Also too: Jeff Flake, for whom I otherwise have no affection, at least gets this. But what are the rest of them thinking? 


Anonymous said...

What will happen if it's not "...known, probably pretty soon..."?

I'd like to think that you'd wait for the facts.

Don Quixote said...

I think that if I try to put myself in the shoes and behind the whites of the eyes of Republican congresspeople ... as unpleasant an experience as that is ... then in my imagination, I become basically part of an unthinking cult that watches Fox Propaganda Network and believes the alternate reality that has been spun by this giant media machine. Media is running the country now ... both with their transcription service and silence. As Chesley Sullenberger said before the election when speaking out against Shitler and the Republicans, of which he has been one life-long: "I don't want my silence to connote acquiescence."

I remember the antichrist Scalia stating that as he goes to work he listens to Fox Propaganda Network because he doesn't want to have to listen to any of the "untruths" out there. How scary is that--a Republican ideologue on the Supreme Court bench, isolating himself from facts? The congressional Republicans are, almost to a man and woman, living in denial of reality. They can believe anything that people like Bannon want them to believe because they're living in an alternate reality where power trumps all and values and character don't exist. Except for lack of them.

Yet all these same people want to listen to reason when they go to a hospital and are told they have an infection, or cancer, or whatever ... and suddenly they're receptive to science and facts.

I'd support a constitutional amendment banning medical help for people who willingly deny facts. I'm not talking about schizophrenics and mentally-ill people here. I'm talking about people who use the corrupt system to advance their destructive, prejudiced agenda to corrupt society and the Earth. Don't believe in anthropogenic climate change? No antibiotics. Believe that African-Americans are inferior somehow? No treatment for your Hodgkin's Disease. Etc.

Want to spread conspiracy theories that directly contradict known fact? No treatment for your dementia, Shitler.

We live in a time of such great obfuscation that Obama was saying the other day in an interview at a university that our first task over the next ten years is to agree that we will all agree to call a chair a chair. Lord, so many of us are lost.

Cervantes said...

Evidently our anonymous friend can't read. I refer to publicly available facts. And I refer to attempts by some people to obstruct the investigation. I'm sure Mueller will ultimately reveal more than we already know, but the basic outlines are there for all to see.

Cervantes said...

Also, some people are unable to recognize satire. (The referent for this statement will remain unspecified.)

Don Quixote said...

Mueller's disclosures will be beyond even the worst we have imagined, because the level of treachery perpetrated by McConnell, Shitler, Bannon, Manafort and others is beyond what this country has ever experienced. A malevolent idiot distracting the public with his execrable stunts while the people pulling his strings behind-the-scenes (and on the scene, in the senate and house) destroy our country in the name of Caucasian dominance and greed.

I worked in Charleston, SC, where the people were sold into slavery. We're not going back. Ever.