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Friday, November 09, 2018

Descent into the maelstrom

The detachment between reality and the Resident and his administration has been gobsmacking from the very first. Remember the size of the inaugural crowd? WaPo has identified 6,420 Residential falsehoods in 649 days. Of course there is a constitutional prohibition against them using the word "lies." But there's something different about the last few days, a feeling that this is no longer a show of cynicism, bluster and impunity.

Obviously he appointed Matt Whitaker Attorney General with the explicit purpose of shutting down the Mueller investigation. So he took questions from reporters this morning and claimed he does not know Whitaker, which is obviously nonsensical since Whitaker has been in the oval office more than a dozen times and there are numerous reports that the two are close. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can take Donald J. Trump's word for it if you like because he told Steve Doocy on October 10 that he does know Whitaker and that Whitaker is a "great guy."

While this is going on, the Resident and Rick Scott are claiming that Democrats are trying to steal the Florida Senate election by the nefarious, dastardly scheme of counting all the votes. The Resident banned a reporter from the White House for asking questions, and then his spokesperson tried to justify by tweeting a fake video created by the lunatic Infowars to falsely accuse Acosta of assaulting an intern. Infowars! It's hard to believe his skin could get any thinner or his racism more transparent, but both are happening.

So I think he is actually losing his marbles. The question is whether any Republican senators will start to question whether this lunatic narcissist is really the hill they want to die on. We'll see.

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Don Quixote said...

Well-summed-up. The alternate reality is coming apart. That tends to happen with alternate realities. The gobsmacking part is that the Republican party goes along with it all, despite the geometrically expanding alternate universe of lies and jaw-dropping propaganda.