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Monday, August 28, 2006

New Business Announcement

As you probably know, The People's Republic of Massachusetts has passed legislation requiring that everybody have health insurance by next year. Part of the plan is that employers who don't provide at least a 70% subsidy for their employees have to pay $295 per worker. Not enough to do much to encourage compliance, but still an issue for the Christian Science Church, which is based in Boston. The Christian Scientists want to be allowed to offer faith healing insurance to their employees.

Mark Unger, who describes himself as a metaphysician, qualifies under the church's faith-healing insurance plan to treat patients through prayer. He said his job is ``to lift up the patient above the physical level to the spiritual, to get them to look beyond the symptoms to the spiritual truth about what's going on." Unger charges $32 for a treatment, during which he prays for a patient to promote healing. The Ashland resident said he can pray anywhere, but prefers a quiet place, usually not with the patient. ``My style of prayer is just an absolute, quiet listening to God," he said. While he doesn't make medical diagnoses, Unger says he has cured a patient's skin cancer with prayer. ``It dried up and dropped off," he said.

John Q. Adams of Boston, who said he has worked as a Christian Science faith healer full-time since 1985, described his treatments as prayers that focus on the specific needs of a patient. He said he charges $25 per treatment.

Well, I too am a Metaphysician, and I have great news for you: I will faith heal you for only $20 a session. That's what makes the free enterprise system so great: it means the consumer rules, and competition keeps prices low. Just send me an e-mail, and I'll tell you where to mail the check.

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