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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reporting for Duty?

John Kerry, whose last campaign for president fell short because he was for the war before he was still for it even though he was kind of against it except that he wasn't really, has an equally bold plan to bring about universal health insurance by 2012. His plan? Implement a few half-assed measures such as increasing Medicaid reimbursement to the states and letting people buy into the federal employees health program. If that doesn't (i.e., inasmuch as it won't) bring about universal coverage by 2012, then we should do something about it. Or, as the visionary, plain spoken champion of the people fearlessly proclaimed, "The coverage guarantee would come through some form of a government mandate, Kerry said, though he added that it's too soon to say how that would happen."

Now that we've settled that thorny issue of public policy, all that's left is to mop up the easy ones, like for instance building a genuine opposition party in the United States. It's a beautiful dream, anyway.

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