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Friday, August 23, 2019

At last some good news

David Koch, one of history's greatest monsters is dead. The Koch brothers are the primary sponsors of climate change denial and were, in fact, largely responsible for the origins of denialism. Remember that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was founded in 1988, and the Framework Convention on Climate Change signed in 1992.

The Kochs’ key role in stopping congressional action on climate change is well-known, but longtime environmental activists, such as Kert Davies, the director of the Climate Investigation Center, credit Leonard with discovering that the Kochs played an earlier and even more central role in climate-change denial than was previously understood. In 2010, Davies authored a report, for Greenpeace, that labelled the Kochs “The Kingpins of Denial,” but he told me that he hadn’t realized that their role went as far back as 1991. . . .
According to “Kochland,” the 1991 conference was called “Global Environmental Crisis: Science or Politics?” It featured many of the same characters who have spread doubt about the reality of climate change and continue to challenge the advisability of acting against it. Among the speakers was Richard S. Lindzen, a professor of meteorology at M.I.T., who is quoted in the brochure as saying there was “very little evidence at all” that climate change would be “catastrophic.”
“Kochland” is important, Davies said, because it makes it clear that “you’d have a carbon tax, or something better, today, if not for the Kochs. They stopped anything from happening back when there was still time.”
Enjoy your oxygen while you still can.


Don Quixote said...

It's sad when it is indeed good news. And when the orange monstrosity goes, however he goes, it'll be a great day. I'd be happy if he ended up alone on an uninhabited island forever but however he goes away forever, he needs to go away forever. Heaven help him (no pun intended) if expiation is real.

mojrim said...

Time for a party.

Chucky Peirce said...

Suppose historians haven't been eliminated as not being essential for survival by the year 3000, and that the surviving historians decided to put together a list of the 100 most evil men who ever lived, based on the amount of misery, suffering, and death each was responsible for.

That would be a pretty exclusive list; if Hitler, Stalin, or Mao got on it they'd be pretty near its bottom. Several tobacco company executives would rank well above them, for example. After all, seven million deaths per year adds up over the decades. (I'd cast a vote for Harry Anslinger, too.)

I'm sure that at least a couple dozen of the most effective climate change deniers currently alive, or recently dead, will also be on it due to each one's share of his, seldom her, responsibility for the coming climate caused shit storm (or "pool-pah" if you're a Bokononist).

I wonder if any of them realizes his legacy to history will basically be his position on that list?