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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Am I missing something here?

A tragic and bizarre story has dominated the local news in Connecticut for the past few days. A woman in the affluent town of New Fairfield heard somebody trying to break into her house in the middle of the night, so she called her brother, who lived next door. The brother grabbed his hand gun and came on over, where he found a man dressed all in black, wearing a ski mask, and holding a shiny object in his hand. The brother shot the intruder dead. The intruder turned out to have been his 15 year old son, who was carrying a knife.

Nobody knows what the heck the kid was up to, so yeah, it's weird. The police will not charge the shooter -- self defense, home is your castle, stand your ground and all that.

But what nobody has said, as far as I have discovered, is this:

If you think somebody is trying to break into your house, should you call your brother, and have him come over and shoot the guy? Or should you call the police --  you know, 9-1-1? They work nights, and they'll come over right away. And they're specially trained for this sort of thing.

I know, that's socialism and communism and the NRA will make sure I can never run for public office. But I mean come on! What the hell is wrong with us?


C. Corax said...

Only left wing extremists could think of something like that.

Oh well, Mr. Trigger Happy won't make that mistake again. He might not even renew his membership in the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Speculation, but I'm not sure the outcome would be much different if the badge showed up instead of the brother. The brother may have been Law Enforcement or military. perhaps that's why she called him.

Cervantes said...

Nope, the brother is a school teacher.