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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LBTA- part 3

My power went out last night so I'm blogging on batteries. The power company gives no estimate of when I'll get the juice back, no blame there I'm sure there's just starting to get an idea of what they are facing. The political future just got even more critical, it seems to me.

There is some tragedy here, and a lot of pain and a whole lot more inconvenience and economic cost. But it's also an opportunity, potentially a wake up call. We'll have to do a whole lot differently from now on, from improving Manhattan's defenses against the rising ocean to stringing power lines that can withstand a twig falling on them to moving development away from the coast, and a whole lot more of that mitigation and adaptation. That means a huge amount of public investment.

Most important, of course, we need to stop spewing so much CO2 into the atmosphere.

Electing Mitt Romney, who wants to drastically cut the budget for disaster aid and reduce FEMA to block grants because nobody likes FEMA anyway, and who says he doesn't believe that humans are causing climate change, and who says that the way to create jobs is to cut government spending, will destroy this one chance. Make sure it doesn't happen.

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