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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If it isn't on TV, it isn't happening

I was almost afraid to look at Climate Progress because I figured Joe Romm would be apoplectic over the "debate" last night. (I put the word in quotation marks because Romneybot 4.1 seemed to agree with Obama on everything except the quality of his rhetoric. But I digress.) Yes, it seems that "foreign policy" consists of vague conversations about the Middle East including whether we will do everything Bibi Netanyahu wants us to, whether we're gonna call China names, and how many navy ships we need for unstated purposes. I know Bob Schieffer is a much more serious person than me, but I would have asked about:

Anthropogenic climate change

Resource depletion

The global threat of communicable diseases including the faltering effort to eradicate polio, drug resistant TB, malaria, and other pathogens

The Mexican drug wars and the deleterious effects generally of the illicit drug trade in much of Latin America. (We, of course, being the consumers. Not that decriminalization could have come up as part of the solution. Sigh.)

The European financial crisis, granted not much for the U.S. to do about it but maybe there's a lesson there for the austerions? (Note that the candidates did manage to work in the U.S.  federal budget deficit as the greatest threat facing our children. Feh.)

The poverty killing children and crushing their lives in sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan (no, they can't eat bullets or hellfire missiles), parts of India and elsewhere in the world

International cooperation on science and technology

Russia is looking increasingly authoritarian and crony capitalistic, but is this a problem we need to worry about? Why or why not? How about continued nuclear arms reduction and other measures to achieve mutual reductions in military expenditures and increase security?

Global nuclear arms control, reduction, and eventual de-nuclearization of the planet? Nahhh, that's silly.

We really need to extract our collective heads from our collective posteriors.

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robin andrea said...

This is why elections are so dispiriting. Much of the most important things are never even brought up. Astounding, isn't it?