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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The difference between men and women

Should you be among the lost souls who watch television, you will have seen advertisements for Wendy's grease pits fine dining restaurants.

If you are with me so far, you will recall that founder Dave Thomas used to be the commercial spokesperson. He'd appear in an apron avuncularly purveying his ground lips and anuses of played out milk cows, or whatever is in those gray squares. (I make no actual claims, having no actual knowledge.)

To put it kindly, Dave was no poster boy for the healthful properties of his no-doubt yummy products. He was one of those guys who makes you wonder how a belt that goes around the equator can keep his pants up. (And it is a mystery.)

So, tragically, Dave died in at age 69. For a while, recently, his daughter Wendy, after whom the business was named (it's actually a nickname, her real name is Melinda) took Dave's place as spokesperson. Alas, she takes after her father. Apparently the marketing geniuses behind the campaign decided that just wouldn't work. In Wendy's place they hired a cute, anorexic young woman and put a scarlet wig on her.

Connect your own dots.  

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Daniel said...

The real problem with the ACA is that it is an example of governing as if people mattered instead of corporations, wing nut donors and bizarre ideologies. Obama has gone down this path too often.

We just received our second renewal since ACA, premiums down (really) and better coverage.