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Monday, December 15, 2014

Still weird . . .

Right now we can all use some diversion. More serious, meaningful weirdness to come.

This advertisement appeared in the Boston Globe some years back. (Verbatim, including punctuation and lack thereof.)


A dead realm ruled by golden radiation
Left haunted by wealth and power
Orange opposes the papal empire
Where true peace can never flower
A piece of red is answered on yellow
Revolving around the fire's glow
Blue lays out the proposed solution
Grey turns to a dancing white tango

Dedicated to my grandfather
Joseph Chester Kime (Kime and
Bonebrake, J.D. & E.K.,
photographers, Akron.) He bought [sic]
his wife Margaret "Peg" C.
Martin, a high school classmate
of John S. Knight of Knight Ridder,
a Willys Knight (whose namesake
W.J. Willy died with Joseph
Patrick Kennedy Jr. in 1944 (Joe
Jr.'s sister Kick's husband
Willam, Marquess of Hartington,
also died that year. (Kick died in 
'4.))) He died of alcoholism in
1944 (2/2) leaving 3 children:
Joseph, Janet and William (of
DePere, WI) and salesman for 
Employer's Insurance of Wausau
(dec'd. '86.))
Also to C. Nelson Wright (born
Nelson in Rittman, OH) who sold
tools from the trunk of his car
prior to founding Wright Tool &
Forge Co. in 1927. He died Easter
Sunday, 1972.
Please see my ads in the 3/16/90
Globe; 3/1/91 N.Y. Times (&
Harvard Crimson); 3/24/91 S.F.
Chronicle/Examiner. Always
remember Alice Cooper's "Billion
Dollar Babies" and watch out for
Richard Bruce Wright, II
b.. 8/31/60, c. 9 am, Akron


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Don Quixote said...

Who needs drugs? I can just re-read this ad over and over.