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Friday, December 12, 2014

The moral high ground

(Alas, I can't link to the New York Times any more because they have retreated behind the pay wall. So what I am going to do serves them right -- lift a quote without a link. They can decide if their new policy is the right one.)

It seems the hopey changey guy is going to sign a law that will impose sanctions on Venezuelan officials responsible for human rights violations, including violence against protesters. Here are the appalling crimes in the latter category:

Interviews with protesters and other witnesses revealed an apparent pattern of abuses on the part of security forces, who frequently beat, kicked and threatened protesters, and in many cases, shot demonstrators at point-blank range with shotguns loaded with plastic pellets.

That could never happen in a freedom loving country like the U. S. of A. At least I can't think of any examples off hand. (Maybe you can, I dunno.) That's why nobody would think of imposing sanctions on us, right? 

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